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It is extremely rewarding to accompany a client on the path to realizing his or her best self. I share in the excitement of discovering inner beliefs and motivations you want to express outwardly. Together, we’ll identify your finest attributes and determine how to emphasize and complement them with clothing, accessories, hairstyles and make-up.

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Realizing your potential and advancing professionally are goals you’re less likely to achieve in a stodgy, fraying old suit. Most men I know share an aversion to shopping, but I guarantee your perspective will change and opportunities will multiply as you recognize the value of a proper wardrobe.

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My son made a decision to start his real estate career with me in The Hamptons. As a parent I realized that it’s not an easy transition from college student to business professional. I wanted to engage an expert in the field of personal shopping and Marla Tomazin came highly recommended to me. Marla helped my son, Jonathan, put his best foot forward by finding the best clothes for the next chapter of his life. Knowing that image is an important part of how he presents himself to my clients and customers as well as his colleagues in the industry, she helped him get the most for his money, choosing several outfits that can be mixed and matched. She knows having the right things in your closet can make a world of difference; but she also believes that a positive image is conveyed through personality, attitude, and outlook. He looks the part of success every day and he is quickly earning the respect of everyone he comes in contact with. We plan to see Marla again soon to add to Jonathan’s spring/summer wardrobe.
—Timothy G. Davis
The Corcoran Group
Senior Vice President
Regional Brokerage Advisor ~ East End
Exclusive Representation for Marketing & Acquisitions

I have known and worked with Marla for over a decade. When I was in a corporate role, Marla was a huge help in selecting stylish, versatile, and long-lasting pieces that presented a strong, confident image. I especially appreciated that she pointed me toward suit sets with pants, a skirt, and a blazer to increase my wardrobe’s flexibility. Working with someone who was a consummate professional helped me to be a better professional, too.

I have recently retired, and—as expected—Marla was invaluable in helping me make this transition. At first, I found that dressing for my new, more casual life was more difficult than dressing for the office because, with more relaxed fashion “rules,” there were so many new looks to choose from. With Marla’s expert guidance, I have developed a more casual, eclectic closet that’s still full of well-fitting, quality clothing. A nice surprise were the accessories Marla helped me choose: fewer pearls and silk scarves; more colorful, unique, and even funky accessories.

No matter what stage of life you’re in or what kind of clothing you need, trust Marla to help you create a sharp, stylish look that reflects your lifestyle and personality…and expect to receive a lot of compliments!
-Bernadette Kenny

Having worked during high school and college in the men's section of a department store, I have long considered myself to be fashion-conscious. When I had a chance to work with Marla, I was curious about how she’d be able to help me. My mind had already begun to change by the end of my first telephone conversation with Marla. She was pleasant and professional, and asked to-the-point questions that helped her to quickly get a sense for who I was and where she might be able to help me.

Marla really proved herself when we met to go shopping. In person, she was authoritative, efficient, and elegant. She narrowed her focus to how my style could be improved and didn’t try to reinvent the wheel on the aspects of my professional wardrobe that were already working. At the end of our time together, Marla had helped me to choose several shirts and ties I love, including a few I never would have thought to buy for myself and still wear frequently to this day! Ultimately, Marla changed my perspective on my own style, and proved the value of her services beyond a shadow of a doubt.
—John Reid-Dodick
Chief People Officer, AOL

In a nutshell, Marla Tomazin is stylish, classy, modern, and very, very fresh! When I worked with Marla, I decided to get the whole package: help cleaning out my wardrobe, as well as updates to my clothing, accessories, makeup, and glasses. Marla is very encouraging, and she quickly picked up on my likes and dislikes. I especially appreciated the fact that Marla is both extremely honest and polite, which allows her to “tell it like it is” without being pushy or abrasive. That’s what most people who would like to enhance their image need…but rarely get!

Two things that Marla recommended have really caused my look to evolve: using more accessories and color. I’m so glad that Marla encouraged me to be more daring with both of these things. Initially, stepping outside of my comfort zone, I took a leap of faith, but now I absolutely love the changes.

Ultimately, Marla really helped me to express myself—specifically, the most polished, put-together, and stylish version of myself! I have taken advantage of all of her services, and I have and will continue to recommend her to other executives without hesitation.
—Dimitra Manis
Senior Vice President and Global Head of People, Thomson Reuters

As an experienced business executive, I have always dressed appropriately and in style. It had never occurred to me that I should work with an image consultant. Recently, as president of Crenshaw Associates—The Talent Strategy Firm, I was given the opportunity to experience Marla’s work as one of Crenshaw’s experts. She has made a big difference in my appearance, transforming me from a stylish, well-dressed executive to an executive with an interesting, contemporary, and more youthful look. The changes included new glasses, suits, ties, cuff links, shoes, and belts. The overall effect of these changes is a flattering new look that has resulted in compliments—even double-takes—from people who were used to the “old me.” I am told that my new glasses, which have plastic frames instead of wireless ones, take ten years off of my face. As a result, I am still working with Marla and can’t imagine shopping for business attire without her.

Thank you, Marla!
—Richard B. Stanger, President, Crenshaw Associates—The Talent Strategy Firm


I’m absolutely thrilled with the progress on my closet. I pulled together an outfit this morning I haven’t worn in forever and am feeling like I’m on my way to being terribly chic (at least for me). Thanks for kick starting my next chapter! I really appreciate all your help, Marla.
—Sarah, Senior Partner in a Law Firm


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