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Marla's Favorites: Essential Oils

Thieves Household Cleaner
Chances are, you view cleaning products as one of life’s necessary evils, or at best, as a means to a desirable end. If that opinion sounds familiar, prepare to be very pleasantly surprised by Thieves® Household Cleaner! This product (which is available through Young Living Essential Oils) will clear out a lot of space under your sink and save you a lot of time and money.

Thieves Household Cleaner is meant for multipurpose use, so it can do everything from degreasing cookware to cleaning floors and upholstery. Even better, it kills germs while remaining safe for the environment. It also contains several essential oils, which means it smells great and makes you feel great.

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Inner Defense
Stay healthy from the inside out. From one of my favorite companies, Young Living, this natural supplement offers health-reinforcing essential oils in a pill capsule. I always keep this product on hand, but I’m especially diligent about using it in the winter to keep my immune system strong. You can take one pill a day as a preventative measure, and up to five per day if you feel a cold or flu coming on. I purchase Inner Defense from Lucey Harley, who can be reached at (610) 641-1116.

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Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil
You + essential oils = mint to be. “I love using Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil year-round but really love it in the summer,” says Marla. “In order to ingest any oil, it must be pure. This is why I count on Young Living essential oils. Peppermint is great for digestion, and it is also quite effective to use a drop on your tongue at four o’clock in the afternoon instead of drinking a cup of coffee. It will help you to be alert and it makes your breath smell very sweet. I love to put a drop in my water and use it around my ears and temples when I have a headache. Using peppermint on the bottom of your feet will also help to cool you. I love that one oil can do so many things, and I wouldn’t travel without it.”

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