Marla Tomazin
Reveal the True You.


Getting dressed will be fast and efficient with your customized “Digital Look Book” – an innovative imaging tool that arranges your photos by outfit or occasion.

Open your door
Do your crowded, disorganized closets and drawers overwhelm you? Your choices will multiply as Marla shows you how to combine clothing, shoes, and accessories in exciting new ways.

Hang it up
Restore order to your wardrobe and accessories and organization to your closet through easy to remember groupings – by color, style, outfit or occasion.

Throw it out
Based on your new image guidelines, purge items that are outdated, ill-fitting or age-inappropriate.

Strike a pose
This is the fun part. Dress up (and down) as Marla snaps photos of you modeling various outfits – including shoes and accessories.

Click on it
Your photos will be downloaded and categorized into a “Digital Look Book” for easy access. Whether it is an outfit for a formal event, business meeting, Casual Friday, neighborhood luncheon, or weekend getaway, the answers will be “virtually” at your fingertips.

You’ll be poised and prepared for any situation!

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