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Marla is an experienced speaker whose thoughtful, creative style never fails to reach her audiences. She would love to share her message with your organization.

Which of her style solution seminars is right for you?

The Inside Story of Image: Why your image is so much more than the clothes you wear

Beauty for the Busy Woman: How to look great and get the job done

The Look for Less: How to Update Your Look without Spending a Fortune

Creative Camouflage: How to fashionably hide your flaws

The Magic of Accessories: How to use simple accessories to create a new look

Back to basics: The basic pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe

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Dottie DeHart
DeHart & Company Public Relations

Marla Tomazin recently gave a presentation at my club and she caused quite a buzz! Accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, Marla talked about the all-too-common “messy closet” problem: why it happens, how it negatively affects us mentally and physically, and what we can do to break the bad habits that cause it.

My organization’s members thoroughly enjoyed the evening. We had an unusually large turn out for this one of a kind event. Since the lecture, many have told me that that are determined to use Marla’s tactics to tame their wardrobes once and for all. Club members who missed the presentation are now asking how they can get a copy of it.

Marla Tomazin is genuine, open, skilled, and engaging. Her no nonsense presentation reflected that and was a big boost after this long winter. Thank you Marla!

Ann T.
New York City


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