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Marla's Tips: Feeling Good

Essential Oils
Essential Oils have been a part of my life since 1995. I’ve studied the use of plants, herbs and teas – organic precursors to antibiotics, pain medication, anti-depressants and much more – by our ancestors.

I’m devoted to pure essential oils, some of which I take internally, for their proven healing and therapeutic properties. To give you an example of their potency, it takes one pound of lavender to make a single drop of oil. These oils are powerful!

I have built up quite an arsenal that I use regularly and have shared the oils with friends, family and clients.

Essential Oils I recommend include:

Lavender, good for burns, headaches, blisters, PMS, hearing, depression, and hangovers. (There isn’t much this oil can’t do!)

Peppermint, good for headaches, fresh breath, hot flashes, indigestion, fever, and motion sickness.

Frankincense, uplifting, fights depression, balances the emotions, and supports the immune system.

Raven, one of my favorites if I’m coming down with a cold or flu symptoms. I apply to my sinuses, around my ears and on my throat. Often, my symptoms are gone by morning!

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A Healthy Mind and Body
It took many years, but I have finally found the right combination of health practices to help me look and feel my best. Yoga, juicing, and fasting are absolutely essential to my health regimen and I highly recommend including them in your routine.

I have been practicing yoga since 1995. I first studied Iyengar Yoga, which taught me a good basic foundation for the poses. Through the years, I have practiced other types of yoga, always feeling a benefit from the mind-body connection. Currently, I am enjoying Tao Yoga, which originated in Korea. This yoga concentrates on meridian stretching which opens the energy channels to increase flexibility, balance and fitness and tapping or Energy Meditation, which helps the body to balance and heal itself. A great benefit is that as yoga relieves stress, I feel more present in my body and experience clarity in everyday activities.

A friend introduced me to juicing 10 years ago. I have been drinking green juices 4-5 days per week and definitely feel more energetic and healthy. This year, I did a 5 day juice fast which was easier than I thought it would be. Our bodies need a rest from all the food, alcohol and caffeine we consume on a daily basis. It just makes sense to me that fasting on juices gives the body a chance to recover and actually heal on a deep level. It is my way of being proactive in taking care of my body so that it will take care of me as I get older. Everyone has heard how important it is to eat 8-10 servings of vegetables and fruits each day—with an emphasis on vegetables—and this is a way to enjoy more vegetables. Because they are juiced, it is easier for the body to digest and utilize the enzymes.

Recently, I have discovered Mary McGuire-Wien. She has a wonderful retreat center in New York incorporating juice fasting and yoga. I highly recommend Mary's new book - The 7 Day Cleanse - and her Web site for inspiring information.

Beauty starts on the inside and good health is reflected on the outside. I love working with clients who are vibrant and healthy. Let's face it, clothes just look better on someone who has a sparkle in their eye and a spring to their step!


Marla's Tips: Feeling Good
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